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When you receive a ticket for a non-criminal traffic violation it will most likely be handled by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB). When you plead not guilty to a traffic ticket be handled in the TVB, your cases will be heard by a DMV Administrative Law Judge. The Administrative Law Judge has the authority to decide whether or not you are guilty and to set a fine if you are found guilty. The Administrative Law Judge also has the authority to revoke or suspend your driver license and/or auto registration when required by law or when the Judge believes it is in the interest of traffic safety.

When you receive a traffic ticket, you have a choice. You may pay the fine and mail the ticket into the court listed on the back. Or, you can fight the ticket with the help of an experienced traffic violations defense attorney. Even if you think you are guilty or were caught speeding on radar, our experienced attorneys can win your case or in some areas get you a reduction to a non-moving violation, which would mean no points. In more difficult cases we may be able to get you a reduction to something that does not affect your insurance.

Do Not Delay! Contact our office now and schedule your free consultation. If you do not answer the ticket in the time allowed, your driver’s license will be suspended. At a later date you could be found guilty of the charge because of your failure to respond. This is called a default conviction. Your license would be suspended for not paying the fine and a judgment would be entered against you.

If you are charged with ay type of traffic violation, do not hesitate to give our office a call. All of our fees for traffic violations are on a flat fee basis regardless of how many court appearances are made. Contact Wurman Law Group, P.C. to protect your privilege to drive.

Most traffic violations carry violation points. The points will be added to your record using the date the violation occurred, not the date you are found guilty. If your violation points in any 18-month period add up to 11 or more, your license may be revoke or suspended following a hearing.

The Following is a list of the common violations and the number of points for each:


- Speeding (MPH over speed limit not indicated)

- Speeding (MPH over the speed limit):

--> 1- 10 MPH

--> 11- 20 MPH

--> 21- 30 MPH

--> 31- 40 MPH

- Reckless Driving

- Failed to stop for school bus

- Inadequate brakes

- Leaving scene of accident that includes property damage

- Following too closely

- Passing improperly, changing lanes unsafely, driving to the left of center, driving in wrong direction

- Failed to obey traffic signal, a Stop sign or Yield sign

- Railroad crossing violation

- Failed to Yield the right-of-way

- Passenger safety violation, including seat belts, child safety seats, or passengers under the age of 16

- Any other moving violations


















Even just a few points can result in higher insurance rates for several years- something that can literally cost you thousands of dollars.

Too many points and the insurance company can refuse to renew your policy or even cancel your existing insurance policy. Once this happens, you will face enormous difficulty in getting another insurance company to issue a new policy at a price you can afford. In addition, it is illegal to drive without insurance in New York State so you will have to pay whatever price they ask if you need to drive or run the risk of more severe consequences for getting caught driving with no insurance.

Our attorneys know what is at stake in terms of your insurance and drivers’ license and will fight to keep any new points from being added to your record.

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