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The Rockefeller drug laws of the past were extremely harsh. For three decades, the New York State drug laws were unforgiving against convicted drug offenders. Since the, however, the legislature has moved towards reform, softening drug laws and leaving more room for the mitigation of charges and penalties in a drug offense case.

Even though new sentencing laws have given defendant’s more rights, timely and aggressive advocacy is still necessary to mitigate the penalties of a drug related charge pending against you. We can start working to protect your freedom and future today.

If you are facing a charge of possession with intent to sell, you need a skilled defense lawyer as soon as possible. In the meantime, do not answer any questions and do not give any statements to the police or prosecutor. Call or contact us for aggressive representation that can get positive results for you.

Prescription drugs are legal only for the person whose name is on the prescription – and may only be transported in the original container. If you have been charged with a criminal offense involving illegal possession, purchase, sale or distribution of any narcotics, you are strongly encourage to contact our office and speak with an experienced and knowledgeable defense attorney.

Possession with intent to sell or distribute charges are often filed against individuals whose only real intent was self-medication. In those cases, the charges come as a complete shock. Other times, possession with intent to sell or distribute charges are filed when an individual has a small amount of drugs, primarily for personal use and where there is no independent evidence of an intent to sell. The more serious charges of possession with intent are filed in an effort to gain leverage on the accused. This is why it is imperative for you to allow our office to use our knowledge and skills in negotiation to effectively assert your rights and fight to minimize penalties or defeat your charges.

You may be a consumer, and addict or even a health care professional – regardless of who you are, if you have been arrested and charged for possessing or distributing prescription drugs outside the legally acceptable channels, you have an urgent need for confident and skilled representation. Your legal situation and the potential consequences are the same as those for someone who is charge with crimes involving heroin, cocaine or marijuana. Whether you are a working professional, a college student or an offender with a prior record, we can offer strategic and competent counsel to help you secure the optimal results in your case. Contact the office for an immediate consultation regarding your defense.

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