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Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

The reasons you will need the help of a criminal defense lawyer when you are charged with a crime are nearly limitless in number. In regards to the classification of the crime, an experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to negotiate a charge that is a felony down to a misdemeanor, which clearly subjects the defendant to much shorter periods of incarceration. There is no such thing as a small case and we are well aware that misdemeanor cases can have an everlasting impact on your life.

If a plea bargain is not reached and a trial is completed, a criminal defense attorney will also be able to present the best possible case for you as it related to the sentence that the judge ultimately hands down. There is room for discretion with judges, and a skilled attorney will be able to present all of the relevant evidence that could be of aid to you in regards to that decision.

We pride ourselves in our ability to aggressively fight for the rights of our clients and achieve their goals in the most efficient and cost effective manner as possible. As such, you may also be able to work out a fair and reasonable payment plan with the firm, as money should not be a reason to have to give up your legal rights and protections.

New York Legal Rights as a Criminal Defendant

Our criminal lawyers believe in defending the individual rights of those accused of a crime. Being arrested or charged can happen to anyone and you are not alone. We are on your side and we can help protect your rights and freedoms.

Often times, people who are arrested do not understand or know their legal rights. Here. We attempt to explain some of your rights as a criminal defendant.

  • Right to an Attorney
  • Right to a Jury Trial
  • Right to Confront Witness
  • Right against Self-Incrimination
  • Right to Produce Evidence

1. Right to an Attorney

Defendants have the right to representation by criminal lawyers throughout the entire criminal proceeding. In felony and serious misdemeanor cases, the court will appoint an attorney for the defense at no charge if the defendant cannot afford to hire one. However, if the defendant can afford to hire an attorney, the court will not appoint one or if the court does, the defendant may be required to pay all or part of the attorney’s fees.

2. Right to a Jury Trial

On felony, D.W.I. and serious misdemeanor cases, defendants have a right to a speedy, public, jury trial. On other misdemeanor cases, defendants have a right to a speedy trial with a judge. At the trial, the defendant is presumed innocent, and cannot be convicted unless the impartial jurors are convinced of the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Contact The Law Offices of Howard A. Wurman, Esq., P.C. to discuss your individual case and your rights.

3. Right to Confront Witnesses

Defendants have a right to confront and cross-examine all witnesses testifying against them. This means the witnesses show up in court and testify. If witnesses fail to appear, the state might dismiss the case if requested by the defendant’s criminal lawyers.

4. Rights Against Self-Incrimination

The defendant has the right to remain silent and not incriminate him/herself. The defendant also has the right to testify on his/her own behalf. If the defendant chooses not to testify the court and the jury cannot hold this against the defendant. Our criminal lawyers will discuss with you whether or not it is in your best interest to testify in your trial.

5. Right to Produce Evidence

The defendant has the right to present evidence and to have the court issue a subpoena to bring into court all witnesses and evidence favorable to the defendant, at no cost to the defendant.

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